Are you looking for something anyone would like to see? The F-4 Phantom aircraft is such a great attraction! It was retired from active duty and serves as a memorial to all veterans! Local resident of Marshalltown, Joe Latham, flew this F-4 in Vietnam. The F-4 has been sitting along South Sixth Street in Marshalltown for about 13 years. The jet was flown for three years in the Vietnam War. It had been at an Air Force Base in Texas before funds were raised and the plane was disassembled and then trucked up to Marshalltown around 1993. Spokesman Jeff Heiden says that the Jet was placed along South Sixth Street for multiple reasons, including to get people thinking about the military and military history, it was also placed in tribute to veterans and their many things they have done to maintain freedom in this country.

Back in August of 2016, the jet received a new shiny coat of paint making it look fantastic! If you would like a tour or some more information please call Jeff Heiden.

The F-4 Fantom honors vets and inspires young people for military service. Each day thousands of people drive past the American Legion Golf Course on Sixth Street where the Jet is located. There are bus tour groups who stop by each year and get to check out the jet up-close and personal.

The jet is still Air Force property and the American Legion is the caretaker of the jet.

Address: 1301 South 6th Street, Marshalltown, Iowa, 50158

City: Marshalltown

State: Iowa

Zip: 50158

Phone: 641-751-8612

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